2022-2023 DANCE Schedule

8, 12, 13 (Thursday, Monday, Tuesday)
First Day of Classes
No Holiday Breaks
14 (Friday)
First Costume Deposit Due
20, 25, 31 (Thursday, Monday, Tuesday)
Dress Up Nights
Students age 10 and under may dress in age character or Halloween costume for class
27 (Thursday)
Trick or Treat Night Break*
* If the Village of New Bremen changes Beggar's night this may change)
18 (Friday)
Second Costume Deposit (Optional)
24, 28 (Thursday, Monday)
Thanksgiving Break
16 (Friday)
Final Costume Payment Due
22 – 29  (Thursday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)
Christmas Break
2,3 (Monday, Tuesday)
New Year’s Break
5 (Thursday)
Classes Resume
13, 14, 15, 16 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)
Crazy Hair Week
No Holiday Breaks
No Holiday Breaks
6, 10, 11 (Thursday, Monday, Tuesday)
Easter Break Days (or make up days for all classes)
17-21 (Monday – Friday)
Parent’s sign-up for backstage help
22-23 (Saturday, Sunday)
Senior parents turn in ticket orders
24-30 (All Week)
Recital Ticket Sales Open
1 (Monday)
Recital Ticket Sales Close
13 (Saturday)
Picture Day
29 (Monday)
Memorial Day Break
30 (Tuesday)
Oldest Girls Dress Rehearsal
The New Bremen High School Auditorium
31 (Wednesday)
Oldest Girls Rehearsal
The New Bremen High School Auditorium
1 (Thursday)
Dance Recital (Night 1)
Thursday, June 1st @ The New Bremen High School Auditorium
2 (Friday)
Dance Recital (Night 2)
Friday, June 2nd @ The New Bremen High School Auditorium
3 (Friday)
Dance Recital **(Night 3)
Saturday, June 3rd @ The New Bremen High School Auditorium
** Twinkle Toes Mini-Dance Recital – Starts at 6:00 PM
** All Star Dance Recital – Starts at 7:15 PM