Dance Information

We, as teachers, would like to welcome you and your child to our dance school. We hope that you’ll be satisfied and pleased with your child’s acquired skills and abilities this coming season. Our goal is to provide a valuable service for your child; one that is professional, one that teachers your child a good quality dance and/or tumbling foundation, one that encourages self-esteem, and one that helps your child develop a love and appreciation for the art of dance.

Thank you for putting your trust and confidence in us. Feel free to call or email teachers with any questions or concerns.

The New Bremen Dance School Staff
Lynda R. Davis, Madeline Neuman, Brianna Barlage, Briana Hemmelgarn and Sammy Kuck.



Monthly Tuition for the 2024/2025 season is:      

40-45 minute class – $40.00

50 minute class – $42.50

55 minute class – $45.00

60 minute class – $47.50  

Tuition Discounts (if your daughter takes more than one class or if you have 2 to 3 daughters in various dance or tumbling classes)


2 classes per week per family – $8.00 discount per month

3 classes per week per family – $22.00 discount per month

4 classes per week per family – $38.00 discount per month

5 classes per week per family – $52.00 discount per month         


Many parents like to pay tuition for the whole year so that they don’t have to remember to make monthly payments. You may make one sum payment, or make monthly payments. However, please remember that tuition is due by the first class of every month! There will be a collection basket at the studio that your child can put their envelope in with tuition payment.

If you wish to mail tuition payments, you may mail payments to New Bremen Dance School, 232 South Washington Street, New Bremen, Ohio 45869.  


Miss Lynda will manage all bookkeeping this year. If you have any questions, you may email her at or call or text her at 419-234-0630. A $5.00 late fee will be charged if tuition is over a month past due. Please pay consistently and on time.

Appropriate Dancewear

For all classes, girls are to wear proper dance/tumbling attire. NBDS is implementing a policy this year that dancers and tumbling students are required to wear a leotard, bikeatard, unitard or DANCE tank top to dance or tumbling classes. Ballet students are required to wear a leotard and tights. Girls may also wear shorts/leggings with their leotard or tank top, but they must be form fitting. A black leotard or tank top is the teacher’s preference for dance classes.

Hair is required to be pulled into a bun or ponytail and if this isn’t possible, hair needs to be out of the student’s face.

Boys may wear a tank top and biking shorts for dance and tumbling classes.

This is a matter of respect and etiquette. Also, if the student takes their dress and hair more seriously at dance class they will take their dance and tumbling more seriously.

Dance Shoes

Your daughter’s dance teacher will let you know what dance shoes will be needed for the 2019/2020 dance season. If you have any questions about this, please notify the teacher directly.

You can also order dance shoes online: Amazon, Discount Dance, etc.

If boys are taking a dance class they’ll need black tap shoes and black jazz shoes for the combination dance class.

Here are some stores that have dance shoes in stock:
Four Seasons Sports and Dance Shop

(In Wapakoneta by Auglaize Fair Grounds 419-738-6611) This store carries many different brands of tap shoes and has adult sizes.

Payless Shoe Stores

(Lima, 2100 Harding Highway, 419-229-9911 / Piqua Mall 937-773-2506) Also at Dayton and Fairfield Malls. 

Got Dance

(2210 Andrew Road, Kettering, Ohio (near intersection of Bigger and Whip) – 937-438-1111. This store can ship items.


Helpful Hints


For young students, we require that you swap out the tie shoelaces of your tap shoes for a loop of black elastic instead. Having this slip-on ability prevents your young one from having to tie their shoes quickly and tightly during dance shoe swaps. Make the elastic so it stretches when the foot goes in. It should be sung but not too tight.

There are commercial products out there specifically for this purpose.


Your dancer will need a carry bag to transport their dance shoes in. They should never wear tap or ballet shoes outside. Have them arrive to practice in street shoes where they can change into their dance shoes inside the studio.


Mark your child’s belongings, including dance shoes, jackets, coats, etc. Many items get misplaced and we can easily can find the owner if their items are marked.


Please have your daughter bring a filled water bottle to class each week. We work hard and need to rehydrate. There isn’t a drinking fountain in the studio and It’s important to keep your dancer healthy and replenished.

Waiting List

Due to more demand than we have openings, we have developed a waiting list. It is based upon a first-come first-serve policy and a phone call is all that is needed to place a potential student on the list.

Our policy is that previous students and siblings have first priority for registration. After all who wish to retake lessons are registered, the available openings are filled in order from the list.


Registration includes a $15 nonrefundable fee. After registration is complete, (during the second week of August),  an email will be sent to you with class information informing you of the date and time of your child’s classes.