If you are not current in your tuition payments, you will be sent an email. A $5.00 payment fee will to be added once you are more than one month late with tuition payments. Tuition is DUE on the first class of each month, September through May.


Please have your daughter attend class every week to learn the recital routines and skills that are being taught. If your daughter has to miss a class, please call or text the teacher directly to let her know this information. For older students, please have your daughter be responsible and contact her teacher on her own. Please notify the teacher of an absence a few days before class (excluding sickness).

If your daughter has sports or other activities, please get the teacher a list of the days that she will have to miss her class. If your daughter can attend any part of her class, please have her do so.


If a student shows up improperly dressed for dance class – a warning will be sent home and a parent will need to sign it and have your daughter return it. After two warnings, if broken again, a conference will be need to be scheduled with Lynda, the dancer and one of her parents.

The same warning system will apply to unexcused absences. An unexcused absence is considered when a text isn’t sent, or if the student doesn’t let the teacher know 2 days in advance that they will not be attending class (excluding sickness). Also, if girls are missing so many classes that they aren’t learning the dances, this is a concern as well and will need to be addressed.

NBDS instructors are trying to instill and reinstill our core values of professionalism and discipline to provide your daughters with the best possible teaching environment! We appreciate your assistance in helping NBDS continue to strive to be its very best!


All weather cancellations can be found on New Bremen Dance School’s Facebook page. Please go to this page and “like” it and you should receive notifications. When in doubt about weather cancellations — please check this site! You may not receive an email so it’s your responsibility to check this!

Weather cancellations will be posted by 3:00 PM on the day in question. Classes are not necessarily cancelled when school has been cancelled. Also, there will be no make-up class held if classes are canceled due to bad weather conditions.