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2024-2025 New Bremen Dance Registration Form

Students Name: ______________________________________________________

Parents Name: ______________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________ City:______________________ Zip: ______

Email Address: ___________________________________ Phone Number: _____________________

Birth date  _______________ Age (as of 7-31-2024): _________ Grade entering (as of fall 2024): ________


What class would student like to enroll in?

____ Combination Dance class (age 6 and up)____ Introduction to dance class (age 3 1/2 to 5)
____ Girls tumbling class (age 4 and up)____ Ballet class (age 10 and up – prerequisite for Pointe class)
____ Pointe class


• What previous experience has the student had in dance or gymnastics? (where, how long, etc.)


• How many years has student attended New Bremen Dance School?  Tumbling ___  Dance ____

• Is your daughter earning a trophy this year?  If yes, write in the year trophy she is earning. _____

• The student cannot take lessons on the following days or times: _________________________________

• If your child took lessons from New Bremen Dance School during the 2023/2024 season are there any comments (good or bad) you wish to let me know about ?



Registration Fee: $15.00 (Nonrefundable)  _________Check  _________Cash

Parents Signature ______________________________________________________

Please send this form to: or mail it to Miss Lynda’s home address.

Send the $15.00 fee to: Lynda R. Davis  |  232 S Washington Street  |  New Bremen, Ohio 45869-1251  | Please call or text me at 419-234-0630 to  inform me that you’ve sent the form in to be processed!